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Latest Natural Disaster News Articles

Clinton Foundation brings 1,000 volunteers to Rockaways

Nov 19, 2012: Numerous groups joined together to help in the post-Sandy clean-up efforts.

Out-of-state firefighters volunteer in New York

Nov 9, 2012: Out-of-state firefighters helped search for people "left behind" in New York.

Bad weather predicted for East Coast

Nov 5, 2012: A new storm may complicate clean-up efforts throughout the East Coast as per this CBS News report.

Benefit concert held for victims of Hurricane Sandy

Nov 2, 2012: NBC hosted a benefit concert today for victims of Hurricane Sandy with some of NJ natives donating time and talent.

Disney donates $2 million to hurricane relief

Nov 2, 2012: ABC will broadcast a "Day of Giving" on Nov. 5 to help hurricane relief efforts.

Across the country, groups respond to Hurricane Sandy

Oct 30, 2012: Groups around the United States are sending supplies to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Storm damage labeled as "terrible"

Oct 30, 2012: In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Gov. Chis Christie reports that New Jersey took a terrible battering when the superstorm made landfall.

Superstorm leaves millions in the dark

Oct 30, 2012: By Tuesday morning, news sources estimated that more than 8.2 million people were without power and communities throughout the East Coast are struggling with storm related damage.

Mandatory evacuation orders issued in Isaac's wake

Aug 30, 2012: Although winds have died down, torrential rains brought by Isaac increase chances of flooding and mandatory evacuations orders are issued.

Water overtops Plaquemines Parish levees

Aug 29, 2012: Heavy, continuous rain and sustained winds caused waters to crest over Louisiana levees southeast of New Orleans.

Isaac upgraded to hurricane

Aug 28, 2012: Residents of Gulf Coast states urged to listen to evacuation orders.

Educating Girls Will End Poverty in the Sahel

Aug 22, 2012: Educating girls is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty in the Sahel.

Arguments over Farm Bill delay drought aid

Aug 6, 2012: As the CNN report shows, the debate over the Farm Bill stopped aid to US ranchers suffering from the wost drought in years.

Madagascar residents still hurting after back to back natural disasters

Mar 29, 2012: Citizens of Madagascar continue to suffer after being hit by 2 major tropical storms less than two weeks apart. IRIN reports that the nation was hit by Cyclone Giovanna in late February and again by tropical storm Irina on March 7.

Severe rainfall in parts of Burundi leaves many homeless

Feb 23, 2012: Recent heavy rains have left residents in the region of Gatumba in Burundi without food security or adequate shelter, IRIN reports.
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