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Latest News of Peace Articles

Use the Olympics Truce to create a "day of peace"

Jul 31, 2012: UN officials express the hope that the Olympics can spark a "day of peace" and more worldwide.

Beyond Kony: Take The Pledge

Mar 30, 2012: How can we promote peace in Africa and protect the children? Start with a simple pledge.

Peace in Karamoja, Uganda, brings new hope

Oct 25, 2011: Despite years of violence and unpredictable weather, residents in Karamoja, Uganda, are making small steps to get food security and peace to remain in their country, IRIN reports.

Ghana makes efforts to curb child workers

Sep 23, 2011: Ghana has made huge strides in reducing the amount of child laborers on cocoa plantations, due in part to a 10 year fight to get them out of the fields and into the classrooms, IRIN reports.

One woman's efforts changes the lives of so many

Sep 1, 2011: The lives of women in the Lebanese village of Wadi al-Jamous in the Akkar District have been changed for the better, thanks to one woman's gift of teaching, IRIN reports.

Tanzania steps up to help suffering Somalians

Aug 22, 2011: African countries are coming together to aid those suffering from prolonged famine and droughts in Somalia by providing food for their neighboring countries, IRIN reports.

Educators needed in Sri Lanka's rural regions

Aug 16, 2011: Although the years of conflicts in northern Sri Lanka have subsided, the region is now facing a new challenge - finding adequate teachers to support the newly reopened schools, IRIN reports.

Sri Lanka's lost children reunited thanks to humanitarian efforts

Aug 1, 2011: Sri Lanka's 20-plus-year conflict may be over, but even after two years of peace, 630 children are still missing, according to IRIN.

Sanitary improvements in Uganda keep girls in school

Jul 21, 2011: Although in Western civilization they are a common necessity rather than a luxury, for many young women in Uganda, sanitary pads are too expensive.

Bikes bring hope for Sri Lanka returnees

Jul 19, 2011: As Sri Lanka's long endured civil war ended in May of 2009, upwards of 40,000 bicycles were found abandoned as people fled for safety, according to IRIN.

South Sudan enters United Nations as 193rd member

Jul 15, 2011: The UN officially welcomed South Sudan into its ranks yesterday with a unanimous vote.

Optimism surrounds Sudan referendum vote

Jan 5, 2011: U.S. officials expressed confidence on Wednesday that the upcoming Sudan independence referendum will bring positive, peaceful results as many anticipate that the South will secede.

Wegmans raises over $688,000 for hunger and local food banks

Dec 14, 2010: Wegmans shoppers at 22 stores in the Rochester, New York, region raised $688,214 for its Check Out Hunger campaign, up 11 percent from last year's dividends, according to the Henrietta Post.

Wyoming in line to win $1 million worth of food aid from Walmart

Dec 10, 2010: The Walmart Foundation has launched a $1 million "End Hunger" competition on Facebook that is letting the public vote for the community which should receive funds to fight hunger.

U.N. calls on China to release Liu Xiaobo

Dec 9, 2010: U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay requested that China release Liu Xiaobo from prison, who is a political dissident in his native country and a Nobel Peace Prize winner.
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