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Latest World Health News Articles

Educating Girls Will End Poverty in the Sahel

Aug 22, 2012: Educating girls is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty in the Sahel.

Niger Suffering the Worst Effects of the Crisis in the Sahel

Aug 15, 2012: Over eight million people are suffering the disastrous effects of violence, famine, and drought in the Sahel region of Africa—but perhaps no country is at greater risk than Niger.

Freezing temperatures and snow in parts of Afghanistan pose problems for citizens

Feb 29, 2012: Unexpected chills in Afghanistan have led to the death of more than 150 people over the past month, and officials peg lack of proper clothing, shelter and food security as the main cause, IRIN reports.

Typhoid cases soar in Zimbabwe's capital

Jan 30, 2012: Typhoid cases continue to pop up in the capital of Zimbabwe. Within the past few weeks, more than 900 residents in Harare have been diagnosed with the disease, leaving humanitarians worried about the spread of the disease, IRIN reports.

Real threats of waterborne diseases plague rural Zimbabwe

Jan 6, 2012: Humanitarians fear waterborne diseases will soon run rampant in rural areas of Zimbabwe, due to a lack of proper hygiene facilities and access to clean water, IRIN reports.

Zimbabwe seeking humanitarian aid to ward off waterborne diseases

Dec 13, 2011: The Zimbabwe government is reaching out for humanitarian aid as the nation is currently being threatened by numerous waterborne diseases set to reach epidemic levels, IRIN reports.

Continent-wide changes in Africa needed to curb road traffic deaths

Nov 18, 2011: Experts worry that the rate of deaths caused by automobile accidents in Africa could rise exponentially with the growing populations unless something is done to change it, IRIN reports.

Typhoid outbreak in Zimbabwe coincides with beginning of rainy season

Nov 18, 2011: Lack of clean water and inadequate sanitation has led to a typhoid outbreak in Harare, Zimbabwe's capital, and scientists warn that cholera could be next, IRIN reports.

Thai people throwing mud balls at flood water to clean it up

Nov 17, 2011: With stagnant water still present in Thailand after weeks of flooding, thousands of Thais have taken to throwing treated mud balls into the water in an attempt to improve sanitation, IRIN reports.

New efforts made to promote maternal health in Laos

Nov 16, 2011: Despite new efforts to bring Western medicine to the women of Laos, some experts believe these attempts will fall on deaf ears, as most women there are unaccustomed to visiting health workers, IRIN reports.

Lady Health Workers in Pakistan do more to help their communities

Nov 15, 2011: More than 90,000 Pakistani "Lady Health Workers" were once put in charged of teaching women about good hygiene, nutrition and family planning, though now it seems they may be doing much more, IRIN reports.

Hospital supplies start to diminish as flooding in Thailand continues

Nov 1, 2011: Flooding in Thailand has left many residents homeless and in food security crises, and now hospitals are also struggling as drug shortages build up, IRIN reports.

Lack of doctors leave mothers-to-be at high risk in Uganda

Oct 28, 2011: The lack of health workers in Uganda leaves mothers and their unborn children most at risk, IRIN reports.

Polio vaccinations given by the thousands in the DRC

Oct 26, 2011: Polio vaccinations have been given out by the thousands to children all over the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in a UNICEF-led attempt to vaccinate at least a million children in the country, IRIN reports.

Conditions worsen for Pakistani miners

Oct 18, 2011: Miners in Pakistan are risking their lives for a meager pay to support their families, and conditions are getting worse, IRIN reports.
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