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Summer School

Half of the children on the Tohono O'odham Reservation live below the poverty line. Fewer than half of the adults have completed high school.

The Native American Advancement Foundation encourages summertime learning and curiosity amongst Native American youth in order to break the vicious cycle of poverty through education.

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Delicious Food for the Hungry

Waste Not

Every year food service providers throw away billions of pounds of excess usable food. But this food could be put to use if it were donated rather than thrown away.

Ask the Chairman of the Food Industry Association to create incentives for food service providers to donate their extra food.

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Safe Haven for Children Rescued from Human Trafficking

Every year, 1.2 million children are trafficked, and over half of these children are African. CREER-Africa is the only center in The Ivory Coast that provides children who have escaped from slavery with a safe place. CREER provides children with the tools necessary to successfully integrate back into their home community.

This Gift That Gives More provides shelter, education and food for a child liberated from human trafficking.

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