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Current Job Openings at GreaterGood /

Facebook Advertising Specialist

The Facebook Advertising Specialist will focus primarily on developing, managing and scaling high-performing advertising campaigns within the Facebook advertising platform. Although duties may expand to managing other paid media or social media campaigns, this position's main focus is Facebook where the opportunity and scale have a proven track record.

The Facebook Advertising Specialist will immediately get involved with all aspects of GreaterGood's current accounts, including Like ads, Sponsored Stories for ecommerce, Sponsored Stories for content promotion, App Install ads, and other campaigns with unique conversion funnels. From day 1, the selected candidate will begin a steep learning curve about all aspects of the GreaterGood company. That learning curve will continue for weeks, months and years, however the immediate goal is for this candidate to quickly and efficiently become a key player in decision making necessary to manage and scale GreaterGood's existing Facebook ad campaigns.

The Facebook Advertising Specialist will work in all of GreaterGood's verticals and with all its products. There will be a particular focus on Ecommerce conversion, but all aspects of the businesses core monetization models will be worked on, including but not limited to: content traffic driving, email acquisition, app installs, affiliate promotion and donation acquisitions.

GreaterGood has a social portfolio of over 100 million connections. This dynamic, targeted portfolio was built over time by a skilled, proficient and highly motivated team who is looking for the right person to join them in continuing to scale the business through dynamic Facebook marketing. If you believe you have the chops, tenacity and drive to join this team, then we want to talk with you. We don't need you to know everything, but your base knowledge will be tested during interviews, so please come prepared.


  • Create, upload, and edit ad campaigns using Facebook Ads Manager, Power Editor, and other 3rd party advertising tools.
  • Manage Facebook ad bids and budgets based on company and campaign goals in order to maximize return on investment. Bid management during evenings and weekends may be necessary.
  • Track results and optimize campaigns by reviewing ad reports and comparing with internal and external click/sales data.
  • Work with graphic designers to produce advertising collateral that's consistent with the brand and appropriate for the campaign goal
  • Offer new ideas and execute tests that will help grow the scale and scope of all ad campaigns.
  • Be involved in all types of company discussions and projects that involve paid advertising, user experience or platform optimization.
  • Generally speaking, this person will have very deep knowledge of past, current and future advertising campaigns for the company on the Facebook platform. This position will be required to speak at a high level about all aspects of our FB ad campaigns as they relate to any aspect of the business.
  • Report daily, weekly, monthly and annually on the success of all Facebook ad campaigns.


  • At least two years of web marketing experience.
  • A deep knowledge base in web advertising theory, platforms, channels and tactics. Preference will be given to candidates with a deep understanding and successful track record of web marketing towards ecommerce conversion goals.
  • Master at navigating Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor, including knowing your way round an Excel exported campaign.
  • Experience working with a variety of campaign goals including Page Likes, Website Clicks, and Website Conversions.
  • Experience with multiple bidding types, including CPC, CPM, and opCPM.
  • Ability to create Facebook custom audiences using email lists and website pixels
  • Knowledge of all key Facebook social metrics.
  • Very proficient with Microsoft Excel.
  • Solid understanding of and familiarity with Google Analtyics. At minimum, must be able to filter and segment traffic for traffic source analysis.
  • Experience with online retail and large ad campaigns a plus.
  • Knowledge of SEM and advertising on other social media platforms a plus.
  • Must be highly motivated and insanely driven to build and scale successful advertising campaigns. If you don't work hard and aren't genuinely excited about high performing social media advertising at scale, this job is not for you. If this sounds awesome, and you've got the chops, we want to talk with you!

This position is located in downtown Seattle.

Want to Work for Us?

All interested and qualified candidates should submit their resume along with a cover letter. Please reference "Senior Software Engineer" in the subject line of your e-mail. Click here to apply.

Greater Good Network/ offers competitive benefits including:

  • Full health insurance plan including medical, dental and vision
  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Disability
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Company paid transit pass
  • Paid Time Off (Vacation, Holiday and Sick)

About the Company:

GreaterGood Network/ is a leader in online activism and a dynamic force in the fight to end world hunger, provide free mammograms, improve children's health, promote literacy, preserve the world's rainforests and care for animals in shelters and sanctuaries.

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