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Goal: 30,000 Progress: 3,563
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Sudan has an extremely high population displacement rate, yet protection of civilians and the humanitarian workers who assist them is lackluster at best. Widespread insecurity, banditry, and kidnappings terrorize displaced persons and aid workers alike.

The United States and the United Nations have the power to help these displaced people in Sudan. That's why we're telling UN Ambassador Samantha Power to prioritize the safety and security of displaced Sudanese and humanitarian aid workers in and around Sudan.

The displaced people of Sudan are counting on us. Please, write Ambassador Power and remind her of the plight of over three million displaced Sudanese, and ask her to protect them and the humanitarian aid workers who assist them.

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Dear Ambassador Power,

Over three million Sudanese civilians are internally displaced or living as refugees. We urge you to continue exercising US leadership at the UN Security Council to address their urgent needs and help prevent further displacement of civilians in Sudan. The UNSC must improve security for displaced people of Darfur.

We therefore encourage you to work through the UNSC to:

· Improve UNAMID's effectiveness in protecting civilians;
· Improve protection for aid workers, as operations in Darfur are increasingly threatened by widespread insecurity;
· Support work by aid and UN agencies to improve IDP livelihoods, as well as their voluntary return once safe conditions emerge; and,
· Monitor the extension of UNMIS's protection mandate, noting attacks by the Lord's Resistance Army and increased interethnic violence in the South; and,

Sudan's refugees in eastern Chad, Eritrea, and Ethiopia also require urgent attention. The UNSC must ensure security and aid for these refugees.

We urge you to:

· Ensure the UNSC monitors the security situation in refugee camps;
· Support preparations by the UN, aid groups and local governments to address security gaps.

The US and the UNSC must prioritize the human rights of Sudanese refugees seeking safety in Egypt, the US and elsewhere.

We call on the Obama administration to work to improve the situation for Sudanese refugees who resettle in the U.S., and often receive inadequate support after they arrive. The administration should develop a plan to resettle more Sudanese in the US, assist in the integration of refugee communities into American society, and continue financial and diplomatic support for UNHCR to help protect refugees.

As advocates, we welcome your leadership in working to end the conflict in Darfur and support peace and justice in Sudan. We are hopeful that with your leadership as the US representative to the UNSC, we can work together to help better the lives of Sudanese civilians and create an environment of peace and justice in Sudan.

**The Hunger Site is a member of the Save Darfur Coalition.

Petition Signatures

Apr 28, 2016 Nélia Camara
Apr 28, 2016 Joyce Dixon
Apr 28, 2016 John Costanzo
Apr 24, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Apr 21, 2016 Garry Lough
Apr 20, 2016 catherine anderson
Apr 16, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Apr 15, 2016 Weldon Barker
Apr 14, 2016 Michael John Smith
Apr 13, 2016 Yashoda Jordan
Apr 13, 2016 carleen savarino
Apr 13, 2016 Joy Leonard
Apr 11, 2016 Karen simpson
Apr 10, 2016 Jody Mahnken
Apr 10, 2016 Kaley Frank
Apr 7, 2016 Ruby King
Apr 2, 2016 Betty Kowall
Apr 2, 2016 Reva James-Frye
Apr 1, 2016 Amanda Dickinson
Apr 1, 2016 Jill Russell
Apr 1, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Mar 31, 2016 P Weinkauf
Mar 29, 2016 Connie Hicks
Mar 27, 2016 María Galarce
Mar 26, 2016 Jamie Lynn Guy-Ostrowski
Mar 25, 2016 M K
Mar 23, 2016 Sharon Saunders
Mar 22, 2016 LARK FERN
Mar 22, 2016 David Crawford
Mar 22, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Mar 20, 2016 marcie betterton
Mar 20, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Mar 20, 2016 yvonne points
Mar 19, 2016 Janet Shoemaker
Mar 17, 2016 Brenda Lin
Mar 16, 2016 Susan Wilson
Mar 16, 2016 Brian & Judy Poole
Mar 11, 2016 Trish Kendall We can't keep doing the same old thing - the UN and Nato have been most Ineffective for the past 68 years
Mar 10, 2016 natasha salgado
Mar 10, 2016 Janice Banks
Mar 10, 2016 AniMae Chi
Mar 10, 2016 Barbara Tomlinson
Mar 10, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Mar 9, 2016 Maria Teresa Schollhorn
Mar 9, 2016 Peter Blattner
Mar 9, 2016 Christiane Santos
Mar 8, 2016 Carolyn Galluzzo
Mar 7, 2016 jonathon danyluk
Mar 6, 2016 Michelle Prado
Mar 4, 2016 Walter Schultz

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