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Goal: 20,000 Progress: 8,980
Sponsored by: The Child Health Site

The fast food industry is notorious for targeting children in their marketing campaigns. Kid's meals, kid-centric advertising, cartoon characters and endorsements from popular movies and TV shows mean a large portion of the industry's demographic is children. At a time when obesity is of utmost concern, it's important that our children grow up with healthy habits and nutritional guidance.

While adults are able to think more critically about their food choices, children can be easily influenced by gimmicks and advertising. We need to call on the fast food industry to take responsibility for its role in childhood obesity. Ask major fast food corporations to cease marketing to children.

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Dear CEOs of Burger King and McDonald's,

I am worried about the health of America's children, and you should be too. According to the CDC, in 2012, more than one third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese. That's a shocking number, and it's only growing.

Children are very susceptible to advertising gimmicks, and you've continually used popular cartoon characters, toys and film endorsements to entice children to eat your food. Doing so places more importance on the gimmicks than the food itself—the negative health repercussions get buried under slick advertising and cheap schemes.

Please stop contributing to the deteriorating health of our children! End your kid-centered campaigns now.

In health,

Petition Signatures

Aug 15, 2018 Donna Timberman
Aug 15, 2018 Howard Olanier
Aug 15, 2018 Howard Olanier
Aug 15, 2018 Laure Leclerc
Aug 15, 2018 Deirdre Gately
Aug 15, 2018 Mel Green
Aug 14, 2018 Peter Skirenko
Aug 14, 2018 Kelly Morgan
Aug 14, 2018 Joan Cootes
Aug 14, 2018 Alexine Frank-Cooper Stop the fast food industry from contributing to childhood obesity by marketing to kids.
Aug 14, 2018 Gib M
Aug 14, 2018 Amber Williams
Aug 14, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Aug 14, 2018 Sergio Padilla
Aug 14, 2018 Erika Somlai
Aug 14, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Aug 14, 2018 susan barron
Aug 13, 2018 Animae C.
Aug 13, 2018 walter firth
Aug 13, 2018 Mm Mill
Aug 13, 2018 Nevena Barberić
Aug 12, 2018 simone fiocchetta
Aug 12, 2018 Alice Jacobson
Aug 12, 2018 Helen Greer
Aug 12, 2018 Kristin Vyhnal
Aug 12, 2018 Tim Sunlake
Aug 12, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Aug 11, 2018 Brittany Barringer
Aug 11, 2018 Margit Steidl stop abusing children for your profits!
Aug 11, 2018 Bonnie Smith
Aug 11, 2018 Tom Sunlake
Aug 11, 2018 Linn Johnson
Aug 11, 2018 Alvin Carrier
Aug 11, 2018 Hollie Malamud
Aug 11, 2018 Ana Krznarić
Aug 11, 2018 Loreto Fillat de Acosta
Aug 11, 2018 Jose Barrios Vanegas
Aug 10, 2018 David Cotner
Aug 10, 2018 Freya Harris
Aug 10, 2018 bernardo alayza mujica
Aug 10, 2018 D'Arcy Goodrich
Aug 10, 2018 Erica Brinker
Aug 10, 2018 Ian Whitelaw
Aug 10, 2018 kaytee sumida
Aug 10, 2018 TRUDY NICKOLS
Aug 10, 2018 Lori Bass
Aug 10, 2018 Gaby C
Aug 10, 2018 Chris Pound Stop endangering the health of our children for profit.
Aug 9, 2018 Stephanie Parker

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